Князь 2. Продолжение легенды
Hex коды.
First you should start the game and then save it. With your favorite HEX editor open the file "KONUNG2.SA0". Go to the offsets 04b314-04b315-04b316-04b317, then change them with a hexadecimal value of your choise smaller than FFFF, but close to it (for example DFFF) then save the file - this will give you a large amount of free experience points so you can spend them on your hero's stats and attributes. Also you can change the amount of money in your hero's inventory by doing the same operation you did for the experience points, but now in offsets: 04b2f2-04b2f3-04b2f4-04b2f5.

Note: The cheats are only for the main character. Always make a backup before modifying your files.

Видео чит кодов для игры Князь 2. Продолжение легенды

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