Deer Hunter 4: World-Record Sized Bucks
While playing a game, press [F2], enter one of the following codes, then press
[F2] again to activate the corresponding cheat function:

Animals not afraid of hunter - dh3nofear
Bullet view - dh3leadeye
Clear all weather - dh3dry
Display debug information - dh3breakdown
Enable all codes - dh3super
Flight mode - dh3skyhook
Gun sighted in - dh3sightin
Hunter never tires - dh3homegym
Irresistible to animals - dh3beacon
Large deer - dh3monster
Lightning - dh3zeus
More gore - dh3f13
No animals - dh3plague
No clipping mode - dh3truck
No noise - dh3damper
Rainy weather - dh3water
Set time to noon - dh3noon
Snowy weather - dh3ice
Stop slope effect - dh3climber
Thunder - dh3thor
Travel to nearest animal - dh3find
View bullet paths - dh3tracers
View deer on map - dh3showme
View info on active view models - dh3vmwatch
View info on nearest deer - dh3deerwatch
Walk on target range - dh3caddyshack

Видео чит кодов для игры Deer Hunter 4: World-Record Sized Bucks

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