Duke Nukem 3D
DNSCOTTY###: level warp (#=episode (1-3), ##=level).

DNCORNHOLIO: god mode, unlimited jetpack.


DNSTUFF: all weapons, maximum ammo, keys, and inventory items.

DNITEMS: all inventory items and keys.

DNWEAPONS: all weapons, maximum ammo.

DNKEYS: all keys.

DNINVENTORY: all inventory items.

DNSHOWMAP: displays entire map.

DNCOORDS: shows current map coordinates.

DNRATE: displays frame rate in the upper-left corner of the screen. DNHYPER: unlimited steroids.

DNCASHMAN: throw out cash with every press of the space bar.

DNVIEW: change to the "behind-Duke" third person view.

DNCLIP: walk through walls.

DNMONSTERS: all monters on the current level disappear.

DNSKILL#: starts new game at skill level "#".

DNDEBUG: prints debug information to the top of the screen.

DNBETA: displays the message "PIRATES SUCK".

DNTODD: displays the message "REGISTER COSMO TODAY!".

DNCOSMO: displays the message "REGISTER COSMO TODAY!".

DNALLEN: displays the message "BUY MAJOR STRYKER".

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