Project Nomads
Cheat Method - Modify Savegames
Play a game, save and remember the slot number. In the "X:\Project Nomads\Run\save" directory you will find your savegames. Open the file named slotx.n in notepad (where x is the slotnumber). There are a number of things you can edit:
Find the following lines:

.setmaxartefacts x
[x is the number of artefacts you can carry, works upto six , dunno if more is possible]

If you look a little further you will find something like this:

.addchildvehicle "/world/clans/1/j_navigationtower018"
.addchildvehicle "/world/clans/1/j_silo0115"
.addchildvehicle "/world/clans/1/j_powerplant0112"
.addchildvehicle "/world/clans/1/j_guntower0219"
.addchildvehicle "/world/clans/1/artefakttresor0119"
.addchildvehicle "/world/clans/1/j_scoutgarage0124"
.addchildvehicle "/world/clans/1/ofen0127"
.addchildvehicle "/world/clans/1/j_guntower0227"
.addchildvehicle "/world/clans/1/biggun30"

These are your islands buildings and their IDnumbers. To make these a little more powerful, search for their building names.

Example: Searching for "j_guntower0219" will show you the settings of your guntower. If you look carefully you will find a line like this:

"j_guntower01" "j_guntower0219" and a little further this line:

"j_guntower01/turret" "turret19"

Now comes the editing part:
In the text j_guntower01, the 01 stands fo the level of the gun. If you change this in both cases to 03, (j_guntower03) you're gun will be a level 3 (wich is the maximum) instead of a level 1.

The same goes for your powerplant (windmill) and your silo.

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