Facts about casinos and gambling around the world

We have seen them in movies, in our surroundings and now in our phones, accessible through the different websites or apps. Casinos are an ever-growing establishment, the craze of which has been increasing ever since the inception of the first casino. You might have heard of the sin-city that is famous for its gambling venues, but there are other places around the world that are famous for gambling that function as an equal if the not more attractive destination for casino enthusiasts. There are platforms online that allow you to enjoy sessions of adu ayam and a host of other casino games where you can experience the amalgamation of technology and fun in the prime form.

Today we will read some of the lesser-known facts about casinos

  1. One of the countries known for attracting tourists to its gambling venues is China. It is amongst the most popular countries in the world when it comes to casinos, featuring more than 38 lavish casinos the Macau region of china acts as a hub for gambling venues in this part of Asia.
  2. Housing a total of 1511 casinos, the United States lead the list when it comes to the countries with the most significant number of casinos followed by France with a distant 189 casinos.
  3. With an annual gambling revenue of over 28 billion dollars today, Macau surpassed Las Vegas as the casino capital of the world nearly a decade ago.
  4. The first known casino started in Venice, Italy, in the year 1638.
  5. Countries like the UAE, Singapore, Lebanon and Cambodia do not host gambling venues; in some of the mentioned countries, casinos are banned by the government.
  6. Most people who walk through the gates of a casino will never come out with profits in their pockets, while the house makes money on almost all the players who make a bet.
  7. The biggest win in a jackpot was 39.7 million dollars, and this is the highest that has been won on a slot machine in a brick and mortar casino.
  8. The highest win in an online slot machine is 17.8 million euros.
  9. Poker games can last for years as the longest recorded poker game has lasted over eight years.
  10. You can lose millions of dollars as fast as you can make them in a casino, the proof of which happens to be someone who lost i.5 million euros in a matter of minutes.
  11. There are very famous names that are related to casinos for a variety of reasons, and Ben Affleck has been banned from a casino for counting cards. At the same time, the lesser-known multi-talented and a fantastic personality Billionaire Howard Hughes bought casinos to reposition the signs of the casinos that kept him up at night.
  12. Lot machines are a significant source of the casino’s revenue as they are the games with one of the highest house edges and players like to play on the devices for a long time as they can play in small denominations.